A place to remind EVERYONE why and for whom, we fight to cure and treat CANCER. Survivor.Photo, Recently acquired by InResponse Holding LLC and in Partnership support with CodeGrey, provides a highlight to all Survivors and those who have fought the fight a chance to submit simply their photo(s) or photo(s) and a bio/story and let all of us know; from ME (Lenard Bass) a Survivor of Astrocytoma II of who I fight along side of, or the Cancer researchers, members of all levels of the medical care and solution system ecosystem as to WHY they wake up and do the hard work they do, to the volunteers of any cancer organization as to why and a THANK YOU!!!, and to those who can volunteer in ANY of hundreds of ways or donate in any manner…

We CAN WIN…and CANCER and continue to lose, but let’s go in full blast and Win the battle of education and research providing solutions to prevention, treatment, cures, etc.

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